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Badezeit der Jaguare

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You want really know who am I?

After a repeated careful consideration, and a shoulder view to my cheetah, I will somewhat in more detail introduce myself *gg*.

I was born as "black Jaguar" in the beautiful town Dresden / Saxonia / Germany, and move for years (rather aimless) through the "jungle" Germany, on the search to a suitable district with sufficiently booty! :-).
With these excursions it does come to inevitably meetings and district fights ;-). Not all get off lightly, so that the Pantherin had to lick her wounds and walk long time alone through the country. During a meeting of the big cats the "Black one" meat a very nice Cheetah and shares her steak with him. One moment! Does a Big cat divide their steak with another Big cat? There must be something wrong!?

What should I say: Where the love falls down there is everything possible ;-)and a Jaguar forgets even its nature and gives away a majority of their booty. Well, I did not find my hunting ground yet, but my partner *sigh, dream*. And since short time there is a little "Jagupard" with us : -).

There are still humans who do not know, how a jaguar lady looks, or such, which want to look the Web master countenance. I want to satisfy both: Therefore I have asked my sweetheart to make a current photo from me.

That's me:

Fauchige Pat

Expressed good mood, right? :-) I do not know, what do you think, but I am now times a nice citty * smile *.

If you have some questions to the following cats, please do not hesitate to contact me by eMailaddress. I also would be pleased about a feedback, in order to be optimize this webpage if possible.

Thanks to:

After an unsuccsessful search at the www for the rarely mentioned Jaguars (Panther), the idea was born to design such a Page. Owing to the support as well as the background information from Gepard, Shir Khan, and the backing of Shirárch developed these which one, which you can see here.
A cordial thank at Siegmar for the pretty photograph of the Panther lady. Siegmar is a highly gifted professional among the hobby photographers, and I respect the pictures very much which he send to me from time to time.
And a very special thank you to Thealon. He was so kind to help me with the translation of my English pages afterwards.

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