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Pat's recommendation

So that we do not forget the other big cats,
I want to present you a few webpages on this side.

Land der Geparden

A journey through the country of the spotted fascination. there is a lot to discover; one have to keep only eyes and ears open. Country and animals are to the fore, way of life and survival fight equally. Past and future should show you how important the protection of the spotted cats is. Further paths lead into the territories of other big cats... Have fun.

The Tiger which towers all big cats in its size is standing on the red list. Meek cats or wild man eater? You will learn here everything that everyone should know about it, and much more besides..., once completely another direction. The last wolf were shot in Saxon; now they return to germany. The main-subjects here are wolves and the so-called werewolves. But there can be found informations about big cats, too. Interested bookworm in extraordinary novels? My hint: Read the reading rehearsal of the novel and you'll be attrected.

Extraordinarily and unusually for the viewer, and I must admit, this PAGE fall to one proper in the eye. * gg * very extensively and in detail described all ranges are round around the large cat. Desire on a Puzzel, or a Quizz? Also it gives, here approximately around the knowledge of the Mietzen. Koepfchen is in demand: -) on-line safarie obligingly /pleasingly? On what do you wait still?

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